Originally, GWM was founded in 1995 by Thomas U. Heierli as a partner and became a registered investment adviser in the USA in 1996. Based in Miami/Florida, GWM is registered in Switzerland (Teufen) and has an office at Schmiedgasse 28 in St. Gallen/Switzerland. In addition to the US-registration as an investment advisor, GWM is a member of the IOAM of the 'VQF' Financial Services Standards Association in Switzerland. Being registered as an investment adviser in two countries is unique and a tremendous advantage for all clients.

GWM’s international portfolio management expertise combined with a custodian in a safe country with a strong currency, such as Switzerland, is more important than ever before.

GWM provides the sophisticated investor an opportunity to benefit from customized portfolio management, investment advice and financial advice, on a global and international level.

Our clients determine the custodian for their assets themselves or choose one of our recommended custodians in Switzerland or abroad, which leads to highly personalized and independent asset management and financial consulting.

GWM’s services may not be available to investors from countries where GWM is not registered as an investment adviser. Non-US investors may contact Wealth Management Group AG in Switzerland at +41-71-226-5363 / info@wmg-ch.com / www.wmg-ch.com.




Office - St. Gallen